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Wulungarra Aboriginal Community School

Women's Cultural Dance Weekend

Getting ready to dance Dressed to Dance
Sue Thomas and Baby Dancer Tiny dance enthusiasts

Puppet Video Production

Puppet VideoIn an effort to address specific social problems within the Community, the Wulungarra Aboriginal Community School has created an educational video using puppets as their main characters.  Addressing such issues as smoking, drinking and taking drugs, the videos were filmed by David Batty of Desert Pictures with the students working on the script and handling the puppet characters.   The videos offer a fun and interactive way to help get the message to members of the Community and are available at the main school house for viewing any time.


Book Publishing

Book PublishingPreserving Cultural Language and Stories Through Publishing Children's Books

In an effort to preserve the cultural heritage of the community, people tell their stories in their own language, Walmajarri.  People  from the Kadjina Community, worked with the Wulungarra Community School to produce a series of wonderful children's  books.   Colourful and beautifully illustrated, Yangkana Madeleine Laurel and Paipayi Mabel Laurel do all the illustrations and produce the books using the school's computer system. 


Book PublishingThe stories are told in Walmajarri with a summary English translation  at the end of each book.  So far, Yangkana and Paipayi have produced over 35 books and have plenty more stories to tell. 

Additionally, the students have done several book publishing projects themselves resulting in the "Who Am I?" book and several others.