CAPS - Kurrawang

Contact Details: 

Kurrawang Christian Aboriginal Community
PO Box 618
ph: (08) 9091 2590
fax: (08) 9021 8781
Principal: Donna Lamb
Chairperson: Mr Dennis Forrest

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Established by the CAPS Board on the site of the former Kurrawang Mission, now a Christian community located between Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie.

The school was established in 1988 when the community approached the CAPS Coolgardie Board to set up a Christian based school.


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Physical Setting: 

Kurrawang is a Christian Aboriginal Community situated between Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie.


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The Community 

Cross Cultural Initiatives 


Kurrawang’s school controlling body is the CAPS Coolgardie Board which is made up of past and present Aboriginal parents. The Board assumes responsibility for the financial decisions and oversees the administrative decisions.

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Christian Aboriginal Parent-Directed School (CAPS) Kurrawang is committed to giving children an education which is founded on Christian principles and values, and one which prides itself with equipping children with the necessary academic and social skills to enable them to enter into secondary school and tertiary education if they so choose. The Western Australian State School curriculum is used in the school and is supplemented with Christian material approved by the Board.


CAPS Kurrawang aims to provide a quality education for Indigenous students, in a caring, Christian environment. Our aim is to equip students with the necessary literacy, numeracy and social skills to enable them to participate in society in a meaningful and dignified way.

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Physical Resource 


The school caters for approximately 45 primary school age students. Secondary students travel by bus to the nearby Coolgardie campus of CAPS on a daily basis.

The prime objectives of the Kurrawang campus is to ensure that children in the community have consistent access to education. Kurrawang also has children coming from Kalgoorlie. Kurrawang caters for Primary students Y1-7 and takes Kindergarten and Pre-Primary children on a part-time basis. The school employs three non-Aboriginal teachers and one Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer. Secondary students at Kurrawang travel by bus to the Coolgardie campus of CAPS.


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School Aims 

Teaching Conditions: 
  • 3 Full Time Teachers
  • 1 Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer


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Working in our school 

School Community Agreement: 
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