CAPS - Coolgardie

Contact Details: 

Christian Aboriginal Parent-Directed School - Coolgardie
85-93 Lindsay Street
PO Box 28
ph:   (08) 9026 6115
fax:  (08) 9026 6339

Principal:  Mr Kurtis Leslie
Chairperson:  Mr. Dennis Forrest


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The first of the three Christian Aboriginal Parent-Directed Schools, CAPS Coolgardie was founded by a group of Goldfields Indigenous parents concerned with the academic achievement of their children attending government schools. Strongly influenced by their own educational experiences at Mt. Margaret Mission, they acquired the former St. Anthony's Convent with the intention of establishing a school delivering a quality Christian Education for both day students and borders.

The school was established in 1981 by a group of Christian Aboriginal parents and it began with 20 students. Currently the school population has increased to about 100 students, ranging from Pre-Primary to Year 12. CAPS has two other campuses: a primary campus at Kurrawang and a secondary campus at Esperance.


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Physical Setting: 

CAPS is situated in Coolgardie, which is about 580 kms from Perth and 40 kms from Kalgoorlie. Coolgardie is a gold mining town and is sometimes referred to as a ghost town. This is because the population is about 1200 but in earlier times the population was over 12,000. Coolgardie has 3 road stations, 2 caravan parks, 2 motels and one small supermarket.  The town offers the following activities in terms of recreation: tennis, swimming, bowling, arts and crafts or participation in a selection of activities held at the Recreation Centre

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The Community: 

The Board consists of christian people, mostly of Aboriginal origin, who have a vision to see Aboriginal children grow up with Christ and be given the best opportunity to learn the skills required to live in harmony with the greater community.


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Cross Cultural Initiatives 


Mr. Dennis Forrest is the Chairperson of the School Board.

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CAPS Coolgardie’s Primary and Lower Secondary curriculum is guided by the Western Australian Curriculum Framework. The Curriculum Framework sets out what all students should know, understand, value and be able to do as a result of the curriculum program offered at CAPS Coolgardie. This curriculum program includes the eight compulsory learning areas: English, Maths, Science, Society and Environment, Technology and Enterprise, the Arts including music, and the Wongatha language is taught through LOTE.

Upper Secondary students can graduate by achieving a WACE Certificate at the end of year 12.  Students are required to select courses from the following areas: English Language as an Additional Language/Dialect, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Physical Education, Life Skills, Christian Living, Arts/Music, and Computing.

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Physical Resource: 

St Anthony’s Convent (a historical landmark) has been the premises for the school and hostel since 1981. CAPS provides a Christ–Centered Education to students who may not be Christian, and who come from as far as the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Kimberley regions.

In 1998 a new secondary building was constructed, in 2002 a primary building was built, and a library was built in 2006.  A kindergarten and multifunction centre including hostel beds, theatre stage, and a basketball court is due to be built in the near future.  The school caters for both day students from the local community and boarding students. 

The hostel accommodates approximately 40 students and 4 Aboriginal house parents provide a supportive, encouraging environment with Christian morals and values.  Boarding students participate in sporting activities and other recreational activities held in Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie, as well as regular bush outings.  They are also required to attend church every Sunday in Coolgardie or Kalgoorlie. 

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6  full time staff
3  part time staff
3 Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers

2 full time
3 part time
2 Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers

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School Aims: 

Jesus Christ is Lord of our school and the Bible the foundation of all our living, teaching and learning. Through realised individual talents used in co-operation with others, we promote the desire to serve God to His Glory. The potential of each student is achieved through a partnership between parents, staff and the community according to the beliefs and values of the Christian faith and displayed in the principles of personal transformation, character development, safety, opportunity, justice, equity, pride and self worth.

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Teaching Conditions: 

Staff are devoted Christians who seek to serve the Lord, and who view their job as a high calling, not only to teach but to be a living witness to the Risen Christ.  The aim for CAPS Coolgardie is to disciple each student with the teachings of Jesus Christ. The purpose of CAPS Coolgardie is to see students discover God and be transformed through an exploration of themselves and his world so that they fulfill his purpose for them according to their gifts and talents. CAPS Coolgardie focus is to raise the English and Math’s standards of our students. CAPS staff encourages and challenges each student to reach their full potential by providing meaningful learning programs.

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Working in our school 

School Community Agreement: 
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  • Students nominated to attend the National Young Leaders Day.
  • ADF Long Tan Leadership Award awarded to yr 12 student.
  • Primary- 1st and 3rd place in RACI Crystal Growing Challenge.
  • Secondary– Winning school in RACI Crystal Growing Challenge.
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